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Twisted wonderland x pregnant reader

Some of the castle workers are hoping for some sort of celebration, either when she’s announced to be pregnant, or when the child has been given birth”. You turn your eyes away for a moment in thought. A child. You continued walking ahead, not giving it more thought. Sebek followed close. — “They’ve named him Silver”.

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It took you some time before your eyes landed on a small little puddle of water beside you, your reflection was as clear as sky as you looked. So it did give you quite the scare when your reflection suddenly spoke up while you didn't. "Don't mind them, you don't need them.", Your reflection said to you. "What?",.

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General information: Aleister Chamber (The Viscount of Druitt) x Slave!Male!Reader. warning(s): kidnapping, drugs, non-consensual themes, sexual themes, homophobic slurs, enslavement, strong language, gore/violent themes and character death.reader info: the reader will go by he/him/his pronouns. word count: 902 chapter: prologue - 00 other info: this will be a chaptered.

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Twisted Wonderland Boys x Fem Demon Reader Will include the Camp Vargas story!!! —— Y/n L/n LaVey is the Princess of the 8th circle of Hell and waiting to become Queen of the 2nd circle. She is very intelligent but her judgment is often clouded by her constant yearning for true love. When the Devil... Show more featured,.

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Malleus X Pregnant Wife Reader + Diasomia Twisted Wonderland MasterList When you announced your pregnancy, you swore Malleus turned into one of his beloved gargoyles. Malleus .exe stopped working => (・_・ヾ As composed as he almost always is, most unflappable really, this threw him for a loop.What a joke Others will dbz, now1 I have to cure the twisted character.

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